martes, 15 de octubre de 2013

From France to Dominican Republic.... Thanks Valma!

I received this beautiful parcel from Valma  from France in Halloween Exchange... Just look this amazing and wonderful things:::  A beautiful bag which so amazing colors and halloween touches... A pice of fabric of same fabric bag,   2 small sachets full of ribbons, bottoms and charms, 2 threads ( I didn't know that linen threads exists!! and a beautiful card with so nice words that I will keep in my heart....Waoooo.... thanks so much Valma.. Still I feel like a baby receiving her first gifts.... thanks so much, I am very very happy:

And now take a look to the charms, ribbons and buttons... Just lovely, right?? I love it.... Thanks Val !!

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  1. Ysa, thank you for the lovely exchange gift you sent me :) I absolutely love it all especially the kittie :)
    Hugs x